Get Even 2020 -

30 min
Drama Crime
Mia McKenna-Bruce Jessica Alexander Emily Carey Kim Adis Bethany Antonia
Boat Rocker Studios BBC Children's Productions
BBC iPlayer

On the surface Kitty, Margot, Bree and Olivia appear to have nothing in common - but there’s one passion which unites them: to expose injustice. They form their own secret society, DGM - they Don’t Get Mad, they Get Even - playing anonymous pranks to expose bullies.

Holly Phillips


First Episode Air Date: 2020-02-15

this TV series is still in production

last episode was on air on 2020-02-15 which was 10th episode of 1st season.

Next Episode will be aired on: not announced yet!

Next Episode title is: not announced yet!

Get Even has 1 seasons which is 10 episodes, and it will take about 5 hours.

By watching this series 16 hours a day, you can finish it in less than day !

this TV Series was scored 7.8/10 by 42 people.


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Languages: en

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